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ADM press release: Council of State decision

ADM is dismayed by the fact that the Council of State has not fulfilled its role of protecting the fundamental freedoms of children, to guarantee their access to education and respect for their private lives, without any form of discrimination. The Council of State did not take into account the testimonies or the seriousness of the situation.

ADM is deeply concerned about the consequences that this decision could have on young girls, who risk daily discrimination based on their ethnic and religious appearance, the violence of these interrogations regarding clothing, the trauma and harassment that this causes, thus harming their their access to education and their academic success. The lack of clarity in the criteria for banning the "Abaya" by the Ministry of Education, a word literally translated as "dress" in Arabic, led to exclusion decisions and the interrogation of young girls on the basis of their supposed ethnic origin, based on their facial features and their Arab or African-sounding name and their appearance perceived as Arab or African. This led to preconceived judgments where they were questioned by adults about their religious beliefs, thereby violating their right to privacy and freedom of conscience.

ADM deeply thanks the Cabinet William Bourdon and Vincent Brengarth for all their investment and legal action.

ADM will continue to fight alongside you until all children, especially targeted girls, have access to education without any discrimination based on gender, origin or religion.



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