ADM is a rights organization

combating discriminatory abuses related to security measures and anti-Muslim racism.
ADM défend les victimes de discrimination en leur apportant un soutien juridique et pratique. The objective is to stop violations of rights, whether they result from administrative abuse, harassment or hate speech on social networks.

Support and Protect Rights
ADM's action began after the establishment of the state of emergency in November 2015.
Muslims are the main target of administrative measures related to the fight against terrorism. They have been subjected to violent administrative searches and abusive house arrest. Yet they are neither terrorists nor "radicalized", but only practicing people. This arbitrary exceptional situation could not leave us indifferent.

The initial action - in an emergency - was to help families who were helpless in the face of the measures put in place by the state of emergency. Nevertheless, noting that this state of emergency was continuing and that its consequences affected the most fundamental rights of certain citizens, we created the Association Action Droit des Musulmans ADM in March 2016. The targeted Muslim community was able to cope with the situation on its own, with a human approach and a presence on the ground. This community, already weakened by stigmatization and anti-Muslim racism, was indeed suffering from uncomplicated racism.

ADM would help to better coordinate actions, expand them and respond more efficiently to the demands of victims who were becoming more and more numerous as the months went by. The work of Action Droit des Musulmans ADM consists in supporting victims and denouncing violations of rights and freedoms in the context of anti-terrorism and anti-terrorism prevention policies. The priority was to carry out quality, impartial work and to fight for fundamental rights, freely, without interference, refining the objectives according to the needs of victims who often lack financial means.

Investigating and documenting in order to put all evidence supported by the most detailed facts possible to identify human rights violations. Each testimony was more distressing than the last. Lawyers were lost in the face of these measures, which were not part of ordinary law, in this suspension of the rule of law. We then became analyst investigators, having no other choice in understanding what was going on to assist these people. This field work will be recognized as outstanding by international NGOs and experts. We have thus continued to work hard with those who have been left behind. We are always available and responsive with our network of 30 created lawyers and advocates.

The principles of justice and equality in law and the fight against injustice have helped us to face and continue the fight, to defend rights. This is done by trying to encourage others to defend rights and freedoms. Because justice and the preservation of rights remain a bulwark against violence.

ADM defends the right to dignity, not to be discriminated against, to have access to a fair trial, to defend the right to come and go, to get medical care, to have access to a defence, to practice one's religion without being subjected to persecution or pressure, to preserve cultural ties with the country of origin, to freedom of association of worship and conscience, to freedom of association and opinion.

We have also developed an action/fight against xenophobic speech and anti-Muslim racism on the Internet, against harassment on social networks; indeed, these speeches which amalgamate Muslims and terrorists are spreading and taking root in the population. They feed fears, are dangerous for social cohesion. This action directly supports people discriminated against on the grounds of their ethnic and/or religious affiliation. This action helps to preserve national cohesion under attack from extremists of all sides.

Our goals
To support the Muslim community and to sensitize the population to fundamental rights with the aim of reversing these discrimination targeting Muslims.

The Muslim community faces the drift of administrative measures related to the fight against terrorism. Applied since the Declaration of the State of emergency in November 2015, the latter led to the creation of the law reinforcing internal security and the fight against terrorism of 30 October 2017 (SILT) which perpetuated and brought these measures into the law, creating a de facto permanent state of emergency. The latter, by its provisions, restricts a number of civil liberties and threatens several fundamental rights such as the right to personal security, the right of access to justice, freedom of movement, Assembly and Association, freedom of expression and religion.

In addition, the establishment of the State of emergency in 2015 as well as the introduction of these exceptional measures in the common law with the SILT law is a very bad signal sent to the international community. It is indeed feared a disengagement concerning the observance of international law on the part of some countries, inspired by France, have resumed the model of the French State of emergency; further in violations of rights and freedoms against civil society. It is therefore urgent that France abandon these exceptional measures and take back the place that we have always known in the international community: that of protecting human rights.

In this context, Muslims who are the main target of security measures urgently need support to cope with these exceptional measures largely taken against them since November 2015. Muslims are considered suspicious, find themselves the target of hate speech stigmatized and discriminated against. Victims of police abuses, they are subjected to disproportionate searches, abusive residence assignments, arbitrary administrative decisions emanating from a policy of repressive prevention of radicalisation, whose criteria are essentially Muslim religious practice.
Thus ADM,

Assists victims of the anti-terrorism abuses to publicize and assert their rights by providing legal and practical support.

Combating the abuses of security measures to ensure that anti-terrorist measures are in line with human rights.

Fight against amalgam, hate speech, online harassment.

Alert the institutions on the repression of Muslims.

Sensitizes the population to the problem of the drift of the fight against terrorism and puts in place a space of Exchange and communication between the different strata of the population so that a climate of confidence can take place little by little.

Our mission
Fight against the violation of human rights in the fight against terrorism.
The main mission is to support the victims of these violations in France mainly by providing them with legal and practical support. It accompanies families in the various procedures established in the context of the State of emergency and the SILT law.

Encourage, moreover, the French authorities to keep an application of exceptional measures respectful of the dignity of everyone and of human rights. This also by making proposals to combine the country's concern for security and respect for fundamental rights.

To eliminate discrimination and stigmatizations within policies and to prevent the radicalisation of society. Struggling against hate speech targeting minorities, she tries to bring about a better understanding of the different cultures forming society.

Our values
The universality and indivisibility of human rights, solidarity, ethics, impartiality, independence, sharing and tolerance.

These values are at the heart of ADM's action. It is the first organisation in France of people from the Muslim community, specialising in the promotion and protection of rights and freedoms in the context of the fight against terrorism. It believes in a society where everyone's rights are equal and inalienable and in the fact that respect for its principles alone is a vector for a peaceful society.

"The best of men is the one most useful to men" "O people! Know that your Lord is One and your father is One. Be aware that there is no difference between an Arab and a non-Arab. There is no difference between a white and a black man either, except by piety. Did I get the message across right?" Prophet Mohamed saws

I didn't say anything....
"When they came to get the communists,
I didn't say anything, I wasn't a communist
When they came to get the trade unionists,
I didn't say anything, I wasn't a trade unionist
When they came to get the Jews,
I didn't say anything, I wasn't Jewish
When they came to get the Catholics,
I didn't say anything, I was a Protestant...
... Then they came to get me,
And there was no one left to say anything "

Pastor Martin Niemöller
President of the Reformed Churches of Hesse-Wassau. Supporter of Hitler's arrival and then
resistant. Deported to Dachau from 1938 to 1945

The best response to extremists is an uncompromising State that respects the individual as to his or her origins and religion or choices of freedom of conscience

" Today's human rights violations are tomorrow's conflicts" Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Our results, Our impact
ADM records a series of victories,
ADM ensures that persons subject to the measures put in place to combat terrorism can exercise their rights. Also assists those responsible for enforcing these rights and ensures their implementation.

ADM has carried out a series of actions with its partners, which have led the government to improve the application of the measures provided for by law during the state of emergency and the implementation of the SILT.

ADM has in particular:

Monitoring the impact of the exceptional measures introduced by the State of Emergency and the SILT Act.

Ensuring that remedies are respected in the application of these exceptional measures.

Collected testimonies from individuals and institutions targeted by these measures in order to identify human rights violations.
Conducted appeals to administrative tribunals that led to the lifting of administrative measures. To this end, it prepares legal files and elects a lawyer.
Collaborated with various organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Right Watch, the Syndicat de la magistrature and the syndicat des avocats de France to provide them with our analysis on the impact of the state of emergency and the SILT on fundamental freedoms and human rights.

Participated in the report published in February 2016, entitled "France : Des vies bouleversées : The disproportionate impact of the state of emergency in France", by Amnesty International.

Collaborated with the Law Commission on the SILT Bill.

Part of the Anti-Terrorism Law and Freedoms Collective led by Vox Public and OSJI, which was received by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron in June 2017, asking him to review his SILT bill, warning him of the dangers it posed to the foundations of the rule of law.

Hearing by the Committee on Laws Parliamentary Control on the draft law strengthening internal security and the fight against terrorism SILT October 2017
Co-organised the Forum des Musulmans de France in Montreuil, in March 2018, bringing together Muslim religious and cultural associations and welcoming more than 5,000 visitors. To raise visitors' awareness of human rights and the dangers of the SILT Act. March 2018

Collaborated with the Human Rights Council during the UPR of France. Intervention on behalf of the Anti-Terrorist Rights and Freedoms Network to demand rigorous controls by the CNCDH and respect for fundamental rights in the context of the fight against terrorism, bringing the view of people who are victims of discrimination on the grounds of their religious affiliation, particularly because of policies to prevent radicalisation, but also of hate speech that confuses the Muslim religion with terrorism. June 2018

Book "L'Etat d'urgence (permanent)", published by Éditions Meeting Book in April 2018. The latter contains 22 testimonies from victims of the state of emergency in France and aims to raise public awareness of the dangers of the state of emergency and the SILT law.

Participated regularly in events, conferences to promote human rights and raise awareness of the SILT law.

Action to monitor and defend social media rights, including anti-Muslim harassment and racism.