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ADM works with national and international organizations that are on the same themes in order to share our tools and experiences by making advocacy rights violations with the objective of making them cease.

ADM is part of the collective of the anti-terrorism, rights and freedoms network platform that conducts collective action.

The “State of emergency/anti-terrorism” network brings together a dozen human rights and fundamental freedoms organizations, as well as law firms and academics (members of the network). It was established in January 2017 to promote the exchange of information and collective initiatives towards the media and policy-makers on issues related to the impact of the State of emergency (which officially ended on 31/10/17) and the laws counter-terrorism in terms of discrimination.

The State of emergency-anti-terrorism network was created in January 2017 and is composed by:

Action of Christians for the abolition of torture (ACAT-France)

Http://www.syndicat-magistrature.org/judiciary Union
Union of lawyers of France http://lesaf.org/
Amnesty International https://www.amnesty.fr/
Human Rights Watch https://www.hrw.org/fr
The Club rights, justice and safeties (DJS)

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VoxPublic supports the network “anti-terrorism, rights and freedoms” to gather information and know-how, to convince the authorities of the serious consequences, in terms of discrimination and infringement of fundamental freedoms, of the laws Antiterrorists.

Protest against the renewal of the State of emergency-Paris. CC Jacques-BILLAUDEL
Protest against the renewal of the State of emergency-Paris. CC Jacques-BILLAUDEL
Actors involved: ACAT-France (action of Christians for the abolition of torture), action rights of Muslims, Amnesty International – France, CCIF (Committee against Islamophobia in France), Club droit justice Securités, CREDOF (Centre for research and studies on fundamental rights), European prison litigation network, Greenpeace, human rights watch, La quadrature du net, League of human rights, international prison Observatory (French section), Reporters without borders, Union of Lawyers of France, Union of the judiciary. As well as law firms, magistrates and researchers or jurists.

VoxPublic and the Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI) have found that, in response to anti-terrorism laws, a whole range of actors (associations, lawyers, trade unions, journalists, researchers, academics) are trying to measure the consequences of these policies on the tens of thousands of people targeted or considered potentially suspicious (violations of the freedoms of coming and going, of manifesting, of informing, of practicing his religion…).


Our two organizations have invited all these actors to gather their skills and information, in order to be better equipped to convince the Executive and parliamentarians of the serious consequences of anti-terrorism laws, including that of October 2017, which incorporates in common law several provisions of the State of emergency.
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ADM actively participates in #ASSOTECH with VOX PUBLIC

This Thursday, October 19, Voxpublic, in partnership with citizens for Europe, organized the first meeting #ASSOTECH the tank in Paris on the theme “discrimination and inequality: what digital tools to mobilize the public concerned, defend their rights and effectively challenge the elect?” For VoxPublic, there was an urgency to bring together these two worlds, those of the associative and the digital citizen, who have so much to share and learn from each other. And the bet was won: a very nice day, rich in reflections, where everyone, e has come to share his problems, his tools and his know-how.

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Inequalities and digital: success of the #ASSOTECH meeting

#Assotech, a report, good tips

The “#AssoTech : good digital practices in associative environment” report presents practical advice, innovative tools and avenues for reflection based on the expertise of voxpublic and the testimonies gathered from participants of the meeting #AssoTech.

The meeting was able to count on the support and reflection of Clément MABI, lecturer at the UTC of Compiègne, specializing in public debate, the use of digital citizens and French civic tech. We also thank Congresswoman Paula Forteza and Pierre-Louis Rolle of the digital agency for their participation in the end-of-day debate.

A second day #AssoTech93 is planned in spring 2018 in Seine-Saint-Denis with the participation of local associations. To be informed. e, Subscribe to the newsletter or send an email to contact voxpublic.org

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#AssoTech93: the fight against discrimination also goes through digital
The second AssoTech meeting, dubbed #Assotech93, bringing together activists from Seine-Saint-Denis against discrimination and actors of the digital citizen was held Saturday 14 April at the General stores in Pantin.

Ending cyber harassment against diversity activists
Sihem zine, President of the Association ofADM action Muslim rights went through her presentation to open an exciting discussion on cyber-harassment and the fight against racism on social networks:

“It is important for associations to train and organize their activists to defend themselves, especially in the face of malicious groups hunting in packs. There are anti-harassment devices on the Internet that have been put in place, but social networks are not ready to be regulated. In the face of discrimination and racist words, we must not let it be done, we must rest the limits, in a graduated way, but without hesitation to go to justice if this is necessary. It is necessary to end the impunity of anonymity, before a judge the trolls are very small. Counterattacking and denouncing is getting out of victimization! »

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# AssoTech93: the fight against discrimination also involves digital

ADM is also part of a network of Muslim associations.
Mosques, local associations, support for young people in difficulty, the fight against anti-Muslim racism; artists ...